A risk paid off

I just had a scroll back through my posts to check how long ago it was that I was driven to write about my son’s struggles at school. Well it has been 10 months and a lot has changed.

Late last year our family decided to up and move, in order to access what we saw as the school that might make a difference. I’d watched this school and its teachers, admiring their dedication and different approaches and thought it might just work.

It hasn’t been all roses and we’ve had our teething problems (and boy is the commute for the parents a drag!). I was really nervous about being “that parent” when I needed to advocate for my child. However nothing was too much trouble. I’ve never been made to feel like an interfering parent and our input has always been welcomed and responded to positively.

I’m not just saying this, they really have worked to make us feel involved. They make us feel like it really is a partnership and they try really hard to empower my son to feel like he has a real voice that is listened to.

We’ve just had the first full report and my son was proud. Even though there were some areas that weren’t so great, he could explain to me why. I’d say its the best report he’s had since he was in a sheltered environment at primary.

So what’s different? The communication is outstanding. We have a special person at school who is always there for him and us. Thanks Kylee 🙂 He is doing things that interest him. And he actually tells us what he does at school – not bad for a teenage boy! My son wants to go to school and he has some great friends.

Thanks HPSS.

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