Year 10 – Mixing it up

After the Ulearn session on “Creativity is not just for the arts” run by Steve Mouldey, it got me thinking about how I could apply his MacGyver activity to my Year 10s as a great discussion about prototyping and knowing your stakeholder. Actually creating something for the client. This is a hard concept to get Technology students to focus on and really understand.


It also got me thinking about really letting go and letting them choose their own projects in an area of interest.

So how did it go?

We started with the activity.

  1. The students were told to go and find someone in the class they didn’t know and go and find things out about them.
  2. Then they were told they were going to make an accessory for that person.
  3. They were then allowed to select materials from the room. I gave them a little more time than Steve had given us, as 30 students in a computer lab had the potential for injuries.
  4. A short amount of time to make the accessory for the person. Thinking about what they liked.
  5. Presentation to the other person and feedback.
  6. A bit more time to refine and the final presentation.


Great learning out of this, especially when for example the bracelet didn’t fit the person. And then we could discuss how we need to actually think about the client and what they want, not what we think we would like to make.

Then this led into the next part of the lesson. They were already away from their comfort zone seats and ready to think a bit more laterally about what they could be doing next.

I asked them to think about something they would like to do for the rest of the term. I gave them some suggestions, as I was aware that they didn’t know what was out there. I think this needs work in the future, as I perhaps needed to show them some ideas of what other people have created, but would that have stilted their ideas. Love to hear your comments on that.

So then I asked for ideas and I wrote them on the board. I checked that everyone was interested in at least one idea on the board. I then asked them to stand in groups with the idea they wanted to do and appointed a “leader” of each group.

Their task was then to discuss what they wanted to do in the group and also come up with a way of proving to me that they had achieved something at the end, a way of measuring their success. This will be the hardest part for them I think. I will be checking in with the groups to see how they are going this afternoon.

We have groups doing Photoshop, Illustrator, Websites, Gamemaking and Robotics – I hope I can keep up!

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