Girl Geek Dinner – Auckland

Last night I attended my first ever “Girl Geek Dinner“. I took my daughter who is a first year engineering student in the hope that it would help her start to make some contacts in the world that she will be entering.

First of all I would like to say it was extremely good value, thanks to all the sponsors. There was ample food, a complimentary drink and excellent speakers. The only thing that could possibly be improved would be a slightly less noisy environment (music was a bit loud) with better lighting. People tended to cluster in groups of people they knew, rather than talking to others. Personally we met two other interesting women and it was great to talk to them.

Victoria Crone – Xero

“You can have everything, but it is really hard work”. Don’t think that you can’t do things. You can be happy and have what you want, but you do have to work at it.

“Perceptions around women in industry and raising families is changing – albiet slowly”. This brought up some interesting comments about how the pressure is actually turning and women are expected to go back to work sooner and the impact that has.

Kelly Ann McKercher – OptimalExperience

I really enjoyed her approach here. She reminded us that we are all designers, whether it is our job or not. That there are important guidelines when we are designing things. That we should be making things to solve issues, not just because we think it is a good idea.

She would be a fantastic speaker to have along to speak to our students.

Katrina Clokie – Assurity NZ

An interesting talk about what can go wrong when you don’t test for everything that people might do on a system. About how that had led her into testing and the enjoyment she got out of it. The human characteristics and psychology of what people will try to do, to try and get around all the checks you have put in place.

She even made testing sound interesting!

Jodi Mitchell – Simpl

The takeaways from this talk for me, were about goal setting, getting out of your comfort zone and just going for it.

Overall it affirmed for me that I need to think about what I really want. Set goals and go for it. Be confident in my skills. This was a great evening to go to and fitted in with my current purposeful direction.

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2 Responses to Girl Geek Dinner – Auckland

  1. Hi Lesley- I’d meant to come say hello on Wednesday! Agreed, it was a great evening- the speakers were fantastic, but yes, it’s very loud in there!

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