No Regrets

Every so often I, like so many others, lapse into that “what if” state of mind. For me its the what if I hadn’t had this crazy idea to move to Auckland?  And yes it hasn’t been easy, but look at all the opportunities.

So I choose to turn it around and say what if I hadn’t?

I wouldn’t have the amazing PLN that I have today. Thanks to Raewyn at my new school this year I rediscovered Twitter. And in the process reconnected with some amazing teachers that I had had the privilege to be colleagues of before like Philippa and Danielle. I still remember my very first #edchatnz (not that long ago) when I got that tweet from @AKeenReader “pssst it’s Philippa from Marsden”. That was so special, reconnecting with a dear friend and being inducted into what I can only describe as an awesome group of people, who are so willing to share.

I would still be in my safe niche of a job. Challenging the norm in my little pond. Instead I’m in a much bigger pond, with bigger opportunities to influence. I have met so many more passionate educators in the past year than in all the years I’ve been teaching.

I wouldn’t have taken a year out to go back to industry and discover I like teaching better. I’d still be bemoaning how much more money I could earn. Instead I now know that I am a teacher through and through and I love to help students. I love discovery and learning new skills. Every day is different and it is (usually) good.

I wouldn’t have looked at my own children’s education and thought about what is good for them. I wouldn’t have rocked the boat and supported them to be the best that they can be. I would have just kept them in their little ponds too.

And lastly and my most challenging. I wouldn’t be looking at next year and wondering what it will bring. Yes it is uncertain,however I believe that what will be, will be – and it will be awesome and challenging. After all what if I hadn’t?


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2 Responses to No Regrets

  1. stevemouldey says:

    Great post. Struck by how What If has a bit of a negative connotation early in your post. I tend to view it from a positive opening up possibilities perspective which you get to later in the post. So glad that you are a part of the massive momentum occurring in the EdChatNZ community right now!

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