Year10 – Part 3

I’ve been meaning to write up the results of my collaborative project with Year 10 for a while now.

It was definitely a success, the work they produced was fantastic. I’ve never had so much fun marking assessments before. Of course I had to play their games and try and win. I must confess that for some of them I had to get my children to play because I sucked at getting to the next levels.

I know it was a success because I got better work than I expected. My more challenged students succeeded. They were engaged the whole time. They had fun.

Interestingly as I was marking them I kept thinking I was giving out a lot of Excellences, was this right? Then I remembered that that should be the whole point – I should get better work when the students are engaged and having fun.

Looking forward to their next collaborative project. I’m letting @tanya experiment on them and it’s going to be great.

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