Let’s start a code club for teachers

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of talk lately about how coding is important, how it should be taught in schools and how important it is for everyone to at least understand the basics. This got me to thinking about the barriers facing our teachers in school. And I think it is mostly lack of support.

So I decided that what we needed was a coding club for teachers. To give them skills and confidence to give it a go.

So on twitter the other night I put the idea out there about floating it at educampAKL. I actually can’t believe I did that – so not me. But thanks to some great encouragement I added my slide. Luckily I convinced a like mind @tanya to come along too.

So the day arrived and Smackdown happened – I said my piece (uggh so embarrassing) and Tanya said hers and the vision was born. Was anyone interested?

Well I’m still buzzing about our session. The room was crowded, the people keen and so Code Club for Teachers was born. Check it out here.

Thanks everyone who was there. It was awesome. Onto to my next idea – watch this space!  

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