How school is failing my son

I should be looking after my own students, doing my marking, preparing for next term, but I’m just too angry. In fact it has taken me over a week to back down from furious to just angry. I received his report at the end of term and quite frankly I found it hard to believe that some of the unthinking comments got past the checkers to be sent out to me as the parent.

I can’t believe it took a whole term to distribute his IEP and only after I queried it, due to the flack he was getting from a teacher for doing something that was in his IEP.

I can’t believe that they have really made no changes to help him.

I’ve just emailed my concerns to his school, but I know nothing will happen, nothing will change.

A bit of background. My son is Type 1 diabetic and been going through a bit of a teenage rebellion lately which has seen him in hospital. Add on top of that he is a twice exceptional learner with dysgraphia. He is a lovely boy and I love him to bits, but his school just doesn’t get him and aren’t making an effort to change.

So we have to make some changes. I want my son to know that he is special and clever, not to have him demoralised by exams and tests that don’t take into account his needs. I want him to love science again like he used to. He is an avid reader and knows lots of things, but because he can’t write it down he isn’t being given the chance to shine.

The posts on twitter this morning really reinforced this for me this morning about Barrowford Primary and the letter they sent their students.

I’m looking at another school for him. And I know the grass isn’t always greener, but I need to try. I need a school where they will at least try different things – not just try to make it go away by giving him extra time in exams.

I’m celebrating what he can do at home and building up his confidence.

And I’m also trying to make sure I’m not doing the same thing to any students in my classes.

OK I’ve got that off my chest. I’m off to design a unit that will engage my students, be inclusive and be creative. Or at least I’m going to try my hardest.

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