NetHui – Day 3

I’ve been putting off writing about Day 3. Think I was tired but also I didn’t get as much out of it. Maybe I just chose the wrong places to be.

I missed the beginning sessions – hospital appointment for child, and they come first! Would have liked to have been at the first session of education, but will read notes and catch up.

I arrived in time for the education barcamp. All good, sound like some good ideas to talk about. Was a bit torn on this one. Really wanted some ideas on how to improve my Technology Teaching, but got sidetracked by Open Badges, which I was also interested in.

The open badges explanation was great and followed on nicely from Edudemic article about badges in the classroom. I will need to explore this more but in the meantime follow  @OB_ANZ for more information.

Next up was the Women’s meetup at lunchtime – except noone was there. Apparently it was cancelled, missed that memo. Anyway still got to hang out with some new people in a relatively quiet place. Nice break.

After lunch I went to a session on Safety. We talked a lot about how it needed to be taught. Best takeaway from this was that it is a lot like Sex Ed. Everyone thinks its important and it should be being taught. But by who? and how much should be taught? 

Things kind of went downhill for the next sessions personally, so I decided to call it a day.

The one thing I have become concerned about as a result of attending nethui is creative commons, copyright and who owns the work I create as a teacher. Been a lot in the news about this lately. Very frustrating if we are not allowed to share resources or take them to our next school. A lot of wasted effort. Next crusade – seeing if we can get that fixed at my current school.

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