NetHui – Day 2

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the sessions this morning – trip to the dentist with my son. However I inflicted the livestream on him. Awesome – his comment during the keynote “Did you know that the iPhone has 2 million times the computing power of the first and second Voyager”. Awesome he is 13 and he was engaged.

Finally arrived and snuck into the “Design Right – Design for all” session. Was really challenged by a student at Wellington Girls. She explained how Google Docs is not accessible for her. Wow! I feel awful that I hadn’t even considered that. We as educators need to make sure that education is accessible for everyone. On a personal level my brother has limited motor control – I need to talk to him more about these issues. I am embarrassed by how little thought I give this.

Next up was empowering women. First up “What if …” felt a little intimidated by this, but relaxed as the ideas reflected my own. We broke into groups and I joined the youth and education. Was a little concerned about the perception that technology is not really taught at schools.It is!! Note to self -speak up more. Looking forward to lunch meetup – must be brave!

Digitally Blended Learning next. Much more my comfort zone. Great discussions around blended learning. Yes – I’m on the right track and doing the right things in my little bubble inside a very large school.

So today I am continuing to do what I do and starting a codeclub for teachers because I see a need. Please step up and help me!

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One Response to NetHui – Day 2

  1. Raewyn Donnell says:

    Yeeeaaa code club! Sign me up!

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