NetHui Day 1

This is the first time I’ve been to a NetHui and quite frankly I had no idea what to expect or even if it would be at all relevant.

I joined the JumpStart stream as it seemed to be the most applicable. It started off a bit ho hum and I was starting to wish I’d had a coffee. I was following the Youth stream on Twitter and they seemed to be having much more fun,

However things started to resonate with the session on accessibility, Jason Kiss raised the idea that accessibilty is not just about disabilities, but also culture, devices and generations. That we need to think about everyone and to be inclusive. We try to teach our students about accessibility and alt tags,but they don’t always get it. An amazing demonstration by Neil Jarvis who is blind, about the differences between a good and bad site was next up. He was using a screen reader and demonstrated how non existent or cryptic tags are useless, especially on images. What really amazed me was when his wireless stopped working and he reconnected it faster than I could have, all using his assistive technology. This would have been so good for my students to see.

Philippa Smith on The World Internet Project followed by Barbara Craig talking about the Digital Divide gave some interesting facts and figures about how accessible the internet is especially the 200,000 plus children who have no access.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I think it will have more relevance to me personally.

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