Rails Girls Auckland

Last day of school before the holidays – heading for home for a well earned rest… But no off to the first evening of Railsgirls Auckland. Super excited, something for me (that might just be useful in the classroom too).

Over the course of that evening and the next day,we had some great presentations. Learnt from some awesome people who had given up their time for us. And last but not least actually wrote an app in Ruby on Rails. Woohoo! (Oh and I won a cool t-shirt too)

I made some great connections there. It was really good to meet some people outside education, and talk coding. About how important it is to every aspect of life and how necessary it is for women to code – otherwise all of the problems that are solved will be what men think need fixing with no voice for women.

So I’m now making sure I teach my girls to code (and my son too). I feel invigorated for another term of running our code club. And I’ll keep on pushing for coding to be taught in my school. Every little bit will help.

If you ever get the chance to go to one of these events – take it and run with it!

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