Year10 Part2

I do wonder what people would think if they walked into my Year 10 classes at the moment. They are noisy, they are playing games, but they are creating their own learning. I am assessing the bare minimum. Enough to satisfy the reporting requirements of the school, but as little as possible to encourage them to take risks. I’ve given them what they are being assessed on up front and I’m hoping it isn’t stifling them. It’s based on satisfying their stakeholder. I’m encouraged so far by the questions I get. “How many levels does it have to have?” they say. I reply with how many do your stakeholders want? – “So you mean it can just have one?” – Yes if that’s what they want.

What are they learning? Planning, Research, Design, Digital Skills.

BUT What are we really learning? We are learning to work with other people. To co-construct our output. To compromise. To experiment. To make something real for someone else. To communicate. To work how they best work.

I can’t wait to see the finished products. They are looking really good already. And to anyone who walks into my class – talk to the students, they are engaged and they can explain what they are doing so well. They may be noisy, but they are great and they are in charge.

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