Quick! before I delete it!

Well here we go. My very first blog post. Those who know me well, will know what an effort this is. You see the problem is, I’m just a little bit OCD (or CDO – must be put in alphabetical order). The biggest issue has been that it has to be perfect, that is, the perfect platform, the perfect blog. But it’s OK I’m getting over that. Nothing like a few life changing events to get over that.

I love Year 10s. Yes it’s true. I really do. They are so open to learning and experimenting. Nothing riding on their results. They are so open to trying things.

I’ve been privileged to get to know my current lot for a term, getting to know them and a new school for a term, before switching to the way I like to inspire and challenge them. This term we’ve jumped off the old plan and I’ve introduced them to GameMaker. We did a couple of tutorials together. They were so excited to make their own game. An executable they could take home and show off to every one. Instant feedback.

Now they are making their own games. An open project with just a stakeholder to please. Project based learning.

I am so impressed with how engaged they are. Yes it is working. The conversations in my class are inspiring. They are busy and noisy, but they are all engaged. Very little off task.

The students are challenged. No boundaries. The questions of ‘can I do that’ – of course you can, are empowering. I walk around the class and see amazing things. Their own real, inspired work.

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